Generate leads

Generate potential customers in both quantity and quality. A successful tool is capable of turning website visitors into leads, even creating a steady stream of leads even when you take a break.

Are you having a headache attracting potential customers for your business?

Having difficulty because there are not enough potential customers no nurture the sales team, despite thinking hard about marketing campaigns?

You are not alone! Up to 58% of small businesses are also facing this problem

But don't worry! H2O Brand can help your business generate leads in both quantity and quality, increase conversion rates and bring in a steady stream of leads even while you sleep.

Turn your website into a "magnet" that attracts customers

Imagine your website is your online store. Do you want customers to walk in, be excited to learn, and eventually make a purchase?

  • Clear guidance: Each website has a specific call to action (CTA), leading customers to the next step (for example: contact, sign up for newsletter...).

  • Automatically save information: Use a free tool like HubSpot to automatically save customer information registered through the form.

  • Create your landing page: Each marketing campaign has its own landing page, focusing on attracting potential customers.

  • Blog: A great tool to attract leads and build expertise.

  • Call to action on the blog: Each blog post has an attractive CTA button (eg download ebook, sign up for consultation...).

"Upgrade" your website with conversion tools

Just like you need to add eye-catching signs to your store, "equip" your website with customer "welcoming" tools:

  • Pop-up: A prominent message that attracts attention, introduces an offer, or encourages registration.

  • Hello bar: Fixed message line at the top or bottom of the website, conveying important messages.

  • Slide-ins: The notification panel slides gently onto the screen, not causing discomfort but still attracting interaction.

Powerful support from free "weapons"

Marketing is expensive? Not necessarily! Many free customer management software and applications for startups help you save costs and optimize efficiency:

  • HubSpot: Free lead management and form creation tool.

  • Mailchimp: Free email marketing for up to 2,000 subscribers.

  • Canva: Design images, banners, and infographics for free.

Contact H2O Brand immediately to turn your Website into a funnel to attract a huge number of quality potential customers!

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