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H2O Brand - Expert in Brand Strategy Consulting and Comprehensive Marketing Solution for businesses, from strategy to execution

H2O Brand is a part of H2O Capital which was invested from WTP Group (a consulting, trade and investment partner), Creative Point (a professional trade marketing agency), and Growth Partner (a consulting and investment partner).

We offer business solutions by providing close support and integration to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to help them tackle problems related to branding, marketing and sales. We aim to assist SMEs in achieving business development and expansion.


H2O Brand’s orientation is to be one of the leading companies in Brand Strategy Consulting and Providing Comprehensive Solutions. We aspire to construct and innovative approaches to marketing operations, aiding businesses in achieving sustainable growth.

Becoming a leading strategic partner in the field of Marketing


H2O Brand has the mission of accompanying businesses in the journey of establishing professional brands and fostering sustainable development in the digital era. We are not just consultants; we are reliable partners empowering businesses to explore new opportunities, enhance competitive advantages, and drive breakthroughs in revenue.

Partnering with businesses to

Elevate Brand Value - Breakthrough
revenue growth

H2O Brand is not only a team of marketing experts but also leaders who understand the strategic vision and responsibilities of a business owner. We persistently strive to discern the core values of a brand, laying the groundwork for practical and sustainable solutions.

At H2O Brand, creativity is not just a part of the job; it is the “heart” of every strategy. We are committed to presenting new opportunities, unique ideas, and innovative approaches to ensure that your brand always embodies distinct value.

With the guideline of taking service quality as the top criterion in every operation, we are committed to serving our valued customers with dedication and responsibility, ready to deliver the most optimal strategies for businesses.

For H2O Brand, the customer relationship is not just about providing services; it is a long-term collaboration aimed at the mutual benefit of all parties. Every strategy is built on a profound understanding and vision of your business.

Core Values

Business owner mindset

Innovation and Differentiation


Strategic Partner

Strategic Consulting
Marketing Advisor

Brand Identity and Website Design

Advertising on website and social

Brand development on website and social

Personal Brand Consulting for Leaders

Sales Support

Services provided

To become a strategic partner in the field of Marketing for businesses, H2O Brand aims to build a comprehensive service ecosystem, supporting enterprises from brand development to providing solutions that foster breakthroughs in revenue.


Difference Value

H2O Brand’s operating goal is not only to be a business partner but also to be a companion with businesses from the development strategies to the execution phase. We focus on understanding your business objectives and ensuring that every strategy is tailored to each enterprise.

We own an ecosystem comprising numerous businesses providing a variety of services. We support and collaborate with various businesses, from startups to large enterprises, operating in diverse business sectors.

We offer a range of marketing solutions designed based on the needs, real business situations, and visions of each enterprise. We understand that each business is unique with individual business goals, so we approach each project with a flexible mindset.

H2O Brand always prioritizes training and development for your team. For us, business is not merely a transaction but also involves sharing knowledge, skills, and technology, aiming for mutual success for all parties involved.

Accompanying from Strategic to Execution

Multi-Service Ecosystem

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

Emphasis on Training and Development

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